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IMO Pump G3DB-250
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IMO Pump G3DB-250

IMO Pump G3DB-250 Dry IMO Pump  Customer Reuqires to pay Freight Shipping

Imperial Submersible Elevator Pump Motor Frame 217Z 3600RPM 217EAS020C001  217EAS020C015 217EAS025C001  217EAS025C015  217EAS030C001  217EAS030C015 217EAS040C001 217EAS040C015 217EAS050C001 217EAS050C015

Imperial Submersible Elevator Pump Motor

Imperial Submersible Elevator Pump Motor Frame 217Z 3600RPM 217EAS020C001 20HP 200V: Part # 331 217EAS020C015 20HP 230/460V: Part # 332 217EAS025C0...

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Imperial Hydraulic Elevator Pump AC Dry Motor

Imperial Hydraulic Elevator Pump Motor

Imperial Hydraulic Elevator Pump AC Dry Motor 10HP 208V 1080RPM Frame 256T: Part # 330 40HP 200V 1800RPM Frame 286T: Part # 162 50HP 200V 1800RPM F...

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IMO Pump for Hydraulic Elevator G3DB-187 G3DB-218 G3DB-250 A3DB-275 AG3DB-312 G3DB-350

IMO Pump

IMO Pump for Hydraulic Elevator G3DB-187 Part #: 317 G3DB-218 Part #: 318G3DB-250 Part #: 319 A3DB-275 Part #: 320 AG3DB-312 Part #: 321 G3DB-350 P...

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Drive Motor Thyssen Type TM-9KW-480V

Escalator Drive Motor Type TM-9KW-480V 12HP 1140RPM for ThyssenKrupp 


Drive Motor Thyssen Type TM-7.5KW-480V

Escalator Drive Motor Type TM-7.5KW-480V 10HP 1140RPM for ThyssenKrupp 


Drive Motor Thyssen Type TM-15KW-480V

Escalator Drive Motor Type TM-15KW-480V 20HP 1140RPM for ThyssenKrupp 

escalator drive-motor-kone-us67381033 Imperial 284EAE010B021 frame 284YZ

Drive Motor Kone NEK-US67381033

Escalator Drive Motor 10HP 460V 875RPM Frame 284YZ for Kone


Drive Motor Thyssen Type TM-13.5KW-480V

Escalator Drive Motor Type TM-13.5KW-480V 18HP 1140RPM for ThyssenKrupp 


Drive Motor Thyssen Type TM-12KW-480V

Escalator Drive Motor Type TM-12KW-480V 16HP 1140RPM for ThyssenKrupp 


Drive Motor Thyssen Type TM-10.5KW-480V

Escalator Drive Motor Type TM-10.5KW-480V 14HP 1140RPM for ThyssenKrupp 

Escalator Drive Motor Kone NEK-KM5215553H02 YFT160M-6

Drive Motor Kone NEK-KM5215553H02

Escalator Drive Motor 7.5Kw 480V 1200 RPM for Kone


Drive Motor Kone NEK-DEE4048226

Escalator Drive Motor 4.5kW 460V 1460 RPM for Kone E3000


Drive Motor 7.5Kw 480V Schindler NES-SSB897346

Escalator Drive Motor 7.5Kw 480V for Schindler SCT147771

Escalator Drive Motor Schindler SSB897306

Drive Motor 7.5Kw 208V Schindler NES-SSB897306

Escalator Drive Motor 7.5Kw 208V 1160 RPM for Schindler


Drive Motor 15Kw 480V Schindler NES-SSB897348

Escalator Drive Motor 15Kw 480V for Schindler  SCT147837   


Drive Motor 15Kw 460V Schindler NES-SSB897343

Escalator Drive Motor 15Kw 460V 1160RPM for Schindler 

escalator drive-motor-11kw-480v-schindler-ssb897347

Drive Motor 11Kw 480V Schindler NES-SSB897347

Escalator Drive Motor 11Kw 480V for Schindler SCT147834   

escalator-drive-motor-11kw-460v-schindler-sct147833 ssb897342

Drive Motor 11Kw 460V Schindler NES-SCT147833

Escalator Drive Motor 11Kw 460V 1155RPM for Schindler SSB897342   

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